Personal Injury

When you, or someone you care about, is a victim of a wrongful act, you need an attorney representing you who has the skill and experience to see that you or your loved one gets the justice they deserve.

Schoenbeck Law, PC, has successfully litigated claims on behalf of victims of auto accidents, injured farm workers, and many other types of personal or bodily injuries. Schoenbeck Law, PC, principally works on cases in this area, and tailors its professional seminars, reading, and work to this practice area.

When you need to hire an attorney to handle a personal injury claim, ask a simple question.

Ask the attorney:

How many personal injury claims have you tried to a jury?

Ask for names, dates, and results.
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You’ll be surprised to find that many of the attorneys who advertise most aggressively have rarely, if ever, tried a personal injury case all the way to a jury verdict. Insurance companies evaluate claims, like yours, in part based upon whether you have hired an attorney with a successful litigation track record.

The first decision you make—which attorney to hire—will critically affect the level of justice you receive!