Estate Dispute Litigation

Unfortunately, not everybody gets their estate plan done in a way that avoids a conflict.

There is a clear set of rules about how estate planning should be done, and when those rules are violated, legal counsel is frequently sought to help sort out who is supposed to get what. Many of these disputes involve joint accounts that have been wrongfully changed.

Our office has experience in handling this type of litigation and solving these types of problems.

When you need to hire an attorney to handle an estate dispute conflict, ask the attorney:

How many estate dispute conflict cases have you tried to a jury?

Ask for names, dates, and results.
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You’ll be surprised to find that many of the attorneys who advertise most aggressively have rarely, if ever, tried an estate dispute conflict case all the way to a jury verdict. Hire an attorney with a successful litigation track record.

The first decision you make—which attorney to hire—will critically affect the level of justice you receive!

When you have an estate dispute conflict: Hire an experienced and skilled attorney.
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