Attorney Lee Schoenbeck tried and won two trials in the ten days before Christmas! For perspective, most attorneys in South Dakota will never try two trials in their career.

The first trial was to a jury in Hand County over an estate and property dispute. The second trial was to the Court in a business dispute in Codington County.

“In my career I have had the opportunity to represent some really good people before juries and judges in civil disputes across our state. I know most attorneys don’t go in the courtroom, but I see it as a fair way for some of the best resolutions that can be achieved for our clients. The only way you can be sure you are getting the best for your client is if the other side knows you are one of those few attorneys not afraid to try the case.”, said Schoenbeck.  “Also, it helps that in Joe Erickson I have a partner who’s been in the courtroom a lot more than most attorneys his age, we make a good team,” Schoenbeck added.