Starting January 1, 2022, our long-time friend and colleague, Karen Armstrong, is going to semi-retire.  Karen is a highly accomplished paralegal, particularly specializing in medical records, medical bills, and subrogations.  After January 1, Karen will continue to work at Schoenbeck & Erickson, PC three days a week.

Karen first started at Schoenbeck Law back in 1996.  After 8 years, she took a brief hiatus to try some other opportunities, and returned in 2010.  Before she ever came to Schoenbeck Law, Karen had been a legal secretary in Minneapolis for 20 years.  Consequently, in total, Karen Armstrong has been serving clients in the legal field for 45 years!

Karen is a recognized and accomplished professional in the paralegal field.  She holds multiple certifications from the National Association for Legal Support Professionals (NALS).  Probably more impressive, Karen is one of the only paralegals to do a presentation to the attorneys of South Dakota at the annual State Bar Convention.

To those of you who have come to know Karen as we have, we hope you will join us in wishing her a wonderful semi-retirement, and we feel fortunate that she will be with us on a part-time basis.