Since 1984, Lee Schoenbeck has practiced law first as a sole proprietor, and then as the only shareholder in a professional corporation.  But, we’re excited to make a change.  Joe Erickson will join our professional corporation as a shareholder on January 1, 2022.

Our name will change from “Schoenbeck Law, PC” to “Schoenbeck & Erickson, PC,” in recognition of Joe’s role and commitment to the work we do.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Joe these past three years, and he has proven to me that he has the commitment to our clients that we hope is the standard here at our office.  He cares mightily for them.  He thinks hard about ways to solve their problems, and he gets the job done.  I am excited to have Joe Erickson as an integral part of our future.

–Attorney Lee Schoenbeck

Joe’s practice has been heavily focused on estate and real property litigation, in addition to the work Schoenbeck & Erickson, PC continues to do in the areas of personal injury, insurance bad faith, and commercial litigation.