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Lee Schoenbeck is a Civil Trial Specialist When you faithfully pay your premiums each month, you expect to be protected when you have a loss. It is disappointing and stressful to learn that the insurance company which so willingly took your premium, is now not so willing to speedily and fairly handle your claim.

When that happens, call us. Lee Schoenbeck of Schoenbeck Law, PC is an experienced trial lawyer who regularly battles with insurance companies over their failure to pay claims that are due. We are proud of the work we do and the cases we have won on behalf of people whose insurance companies just plain refused to pay what they fairly owed.

South Dakota is a state that recognizes the sanctity of the insurance relationship. We entrust our livelihood, our future, and our family's security to our insurance companies. We are entitled to expect that company to act with the utmost good faith in dealing with our insurance needs.

In South Dakota, an insurance company is liable for acting in bad faith when:

  1. The insurance company did not have a reasonable basis for denying policy benefits or for failing to comply with the insurance contract, and
  2. The insurance company knew it didn't have a reasonable basis for denying policy benefits, or acted with reckless disregard in determining whether it had a reasonable basis.

In the world of law firms, many people talk of bad faith, but very few have ever actually litigated a bad faith case. Schoenbeck Law, PC is experienced and successful in the area of insurance bad faith litigation. (See Recent Developments)

Not every act of an insurance company with which you disagree is a basis for a bad faith claim. Most insurance companies try to do right by their insureds. But when they don't, Schoenbeck Law, PC is there to represent those consumers who have been wrongfully denied or mistreated by their insurance carriers.

The first decision you make - which attorney to hire - will critically affect the level of justice you receive!

When you have a bad faith claim against your insurance company:  

Hire an experienced and skilled attorney.
Hire Lee Schoenbeck of Schoenbeck Law, PC.

Schoenbeck Law, PC:  Experience. Trust. Success.

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