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Lee SchoenbeckWelcome to Schoenbeck Law, PC

In 1984, Lee Schoenbeck started the law firm of Schoenbeck Law, PC in Webster, South Dakota. Over the years, the firm has narrowed its practice to specialize as a litigation firm. Schoenbeck Law, PC is now located in Watertown, South Dakota, and serves clients throughout South Dakota.

Schoenbeck Law, PC was founded on the principle of providing quality legal representation for individuals.

Lee describes the firm's work as:

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We take very few cases, and we work very hard to solve the problems of the folks we agree to represent. We are recognized as an expert in dealing with insurance company denials because of the experience we have in the field but also because our limited number of cases allows the time to do the digging to uncover the schemes at the heart of these cases.

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March 21, 2017 - At the end of the first day of a trial before Judge Portra in Brown County, the Judge granted our motion to require the return of $504,923.52 funds to a conservatorship.

During the conservatorship, all of these funds were placed in accounts at the First State Bank of Roscoe by John Beyers, or people acting on his behalf at the bank. Beyers was the power of attorney for the elderly gentleman in the conservatorship.

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Because Schoenbeck Law, PC was founded on the principle of providing quality legal representation for individuals, Lee Schoenbeck limits his practice to the areas of:

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For information about cases litigated by Schoenbeck Law, PC and the subsequent verdicts, please visit our Recent Developments area.

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Insurance is important for protecting society, so we all need to make insurance work. When insurance companies try to increase their bottom line by not paying what they owe under the contract, we are all put more at risk. We focus on making insurance work like it is supposed to.

We represent insured individuals and businesses who have wrongfully faced situations like:

  • Insurance coverage denied;
  • Insurance claims denied;
  • Insurance company refused to defend;
  • Bad faith conduct by their insurance company.

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Schoenbeck Law, PC:  Experience. Trust. Success.

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